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The Program

We start with one very simple concept that we never charge for anything we offer.  That does not mean it is a place to play around or for those actors who are not serious. Actors will not last long unless they have a serious commitment to becoming a professional actor. Our definition of being a professional actor is

Being Able To Pay All Your Bills With Acting Jobs

That’s right.  No actor can call him/herself a professional until and when they are paying all their bills with acting jobs.  You might have the skills, you might have the look, you might have the motivation but for us it’s all about having what it takes to get paid.  We call this the “TBs”; Time, Talent, Tools, Tenacity, Business skills, and Branding.  If you have the TBs you will have a career.  Our program offers more than any program we are aware of in Las Vegas and possibly anywhere else.  We do not look at your resume we look at your current skill level, commitment, and availability to be cast and shoot feature length films.  Admission into our program is by audition only and all auditions happen in our “Performance Lab” on the last Tuesday of every month at 7:00 PM.  Those audition slots fill up fast each month so the sooner you schedule the better your chances are to get into the program in any given month.   The “Performance Lab” is the heart of our program.

The “Performance Lab”

The “Performance Lab” is the heart of our program.

  • It’s where you audition to get into the program
  • It’s where our directors and writers see you so they can write and cast you
  • It’s where you show the membership, writers, and directors what type of characters you can and want to be cast in
  • It’s where you compete for $100 every month if your performance is the best that night
  • It’s where you get the opportunity to improve your skills
  • It’s where you get all of your performances filmed for your review
  • It’s where you show off work  you created in our “Scene Study” program
  • It’s the only way you can stay a member so perform, perform, perform then perform again.
  • If you need help, and even if you are not aware you need help (can you say EVERYONE) schedule “Scene Study”
  • You can perform one monologue and up to two scenes as long as each scene has a different scene partner

Scene Study

We strive to make training in our program as flexible as is possible.  That’s why it all takes place in the “Scene study” program.  Our scene study program is open for scenes with two actors and/or monologues.  Sessions scheduled by the actor around available time slots automated by our software.  Simply go to the website and select “Schedule Scene Study”.

  • Schedule a 90 minute session one to two sessions in a week for scene study (two actors)
  • Schedule a 90 minute session once a week (one actor monologue)
  • Change the day and time weekly if you need to
  • Available time slots 7 days a week from 11 AM to 9:00 PM
  • Work on a performance for the “Performance Lab”
  • Work on audition pieces
  • Work on problem areas or to expand your skill and improve your chances of getting cast

Getting Cast

Getting cast in our program is unlike anything you have experienced.  We don’t write a script and then go looking for the actor that might fit the role.  Our writers and directors get to know the actors, watch you perform in the “Performance Lab”, look at your performance lab video, and then then the director talks to the writers about writing roles specifically for the actor.  All of our films are built from the ground up for our actors.  The more you show us the more roles you will be cast in.  You also will own a percentage of all profits ever generated by any film you are involved with.  Percentages are contract protected and decided in collaboration with all involved.   All directors also look at your professional status before casting you.  That includes:

  • Having the time to shoot feature films
  • Keeping commitments
  • Being on time
  • Great work ethic such as always performing in the “Performance Lab”
  • Professional website, email, etc.  (free websites and email services are not professional so we help you build both and even host for free)
  • Being a team player and helping wherever needed
  • Self-centered, self-involved actors need not apply
  • Answering or responding to all email, phone calls, and text messages the same day (This is a real problem with actors today.)
  • Don’t take the program or your fellow actors for granted and don’t waste their time

Detailed professional status reports are made available to all directors and writers to help them know they are not wasting their time if they write roles or cast you.   Free services are also available to help you increase your professional standing:

Free Services

  • Free headshot sessions
  • Free demo reel sessions
  • Free performance slate sessions
  • Free scene study
  • Free hosting, design, and building of your website 
  • Free professional email that you own at your own URL

All services can be booked online once you are a member.