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Step training is a constantly forward evolving actor training program. The steps are listed below:

STEP 1: Orientation class and/or video
The “orientation” is about our program, acting in general, what are the styles, techniques, and procedures used in our program, and how do they compare to other techniques taught by other programs and coaches.  This is available in a seminar based single class or on video that must be viewed before moving on.


  • Program review: We review every step of our program from joining to being cast in  your first feature film that goes to market.
  • The professional actor What it actually takes to be a successful actor.
  • Method acting vs. the Surrender system: Two approaches to talent training, one used for 70 years, and one that works.  The world is not flat even if they believed it was.
  • Living in two worlds:  We have one brain.  It works the same on stage, in front of the camera, in a jungle, or at the coffee shop.  It’s all about venue.
  • Knowing your strengths and weaknesses:  How to evaluate your own strengths and weaknesses in acting
  • The career template:  It’s not enough to want to be an actor you must have a plan for it, follow the plan, and amend the plan where needed.

STEP 2: Scene Study

  • The actors are paired with a partner and they select a 3-5 minute scene to work on.  Actors find their own scenes
  • The actors schedule up to two 90 minute scene study sessions per week with the coach.
  • When the scene is ready it is scheduled by the actors to perform in the “Performance Lab”
  • The actors perform the scene in the “Performance Lab” held at the end of the month.
  • All “Performance Lab” scenes are filmed and put on our website for actor and director review
  • If any director or the coach, after watching the actor perform and looking at their videos is interested in possibly casting the actor can certify the actor to advance to Step 3  Scene Study

STEP 3: The Micro-Short Flm

  • Actors are paired by coach Ryan in consultation with the director interested in casting them.
  • A Micro-short film (3-7 pages) is written by the director, coach, or another writer specifically to showcase the skills the director is looking for.
  • The actors schedules up to two rehearsals a week with the coach to prepare the Micro-short for “Performance Lab”.
  • When the Micro-short is ready the actors go online and schedule to perform it in the “Performance Lab”
  • The Micro-short is taped in the “Performance Lab” and placed on our website for review by the actor and the directors
  • If the director is impressed with the scene it is assigned to the director.
  • The director will do a full pre-production breakdown on the micro-short, schedule a shoot and the shoot will be completed, edited, scored, and titled.
  • The finished micro-short film will be shown in the next ‘Performance Lab” after it is ready.  This is considered a pre-curser to casting at the next step.
  • The finished micro-short film will be featured on our website as well and possibly on our Roku channel.

STEP 4:  The Episodic

At all times we will have 1-3 professional episodic productions in the production phase and 1-3 in the planning and pre-production phase.  These are designed to be monetized on services such as Amazon Prime, Google Play, Netflix, or our own Roku channel.  Generally income is generated for all involved every time the episode is viewed. 

  • 4-8 actors are cast by one of our directors prior to a script being written.  These actors are cast from the directors film team.  Additional 1-2 actors are cast for every new episode. So if the director works on Mon-Tue team then all actors he cast must be available to shoot on Monday and Tuesdays and train.  A single episode will take 5-7 weeks to shoot.  They will be professionally shoot, edited, scored, titled and will go to market.
  • The cast actors meet in what we call the “Small Group Training Program” up to two times a week as the characters are developed and ultimately the episode script is completed.  Directors may be present from time to time during this training as the characters are being developed. 
  • Once all the characters are solid the script will go into pre-production to be scheduled and shot on the same two days as the actors have been training and the director team shoots.
  • The finish film will be distributed as stated above and actors paid within 30 days of the producer receiving any payments.   These films will all be under contract.

STEP 5: Primary Casting – Feature films

All of our directors are given the prerogative to cast any of our actors in any feature film.  They cast actors available within their shoot schedule that can make the commitment and if the actor’s type and skill is right for the film.  All feature films are shot under contract.  Actors must keep their availability current which they can do online on our website 24/7 so there is no excuse for turning down roles because of availability.  Actors must be able to shoot anytime between sunrise and 11 PM.  Most shoots are 8-9 hours long per day and take 9 to 12 weeks to complete.